Little knitted pigeon enjoying come crisps on the pavement…

I thought that only the bag of chips was knitted so I was like lmaoo fucking idiot bird got owned then I saw that the bird was knitted as well then I realized I was the fucking idiot bird getting owned

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i just wanted to hold your hand justcallmeharrypotter20

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Harry Styles appreciation post.

but i am seriously so sad so please someone inbox me and start up a conversation. i swear i can be fun to talk to and i have really corny jokes if anyone wants to hear them. 

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The Kooks are great.

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I need some friends. Who can I message on aim?

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Happy 1st Birthday to my little stud of a nephew, Theo! Uncle Nialler is so proud of you and loves you very much x - I remember this day bit by bit a year ago

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